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♥ Wednesday, October 21, 2009

came cross this song felt tat its quite nice..i very long nvr hear chi songs ler!!being hearing k-pop!!:Dhehe

die!!this whole week being doing phy n chem!!nvr do math!!:Osian..next week os ler..really seriously cant wait for it to be all over!!today morning went for chem consultation!!mr wany was late:S..lols..n he was saying all the cold lame jokes!!me n kow was freezing mans!!hahas..

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♥ Sunday, October 18, 2009

HAHAS!!today its 18 of the month!!:)4 months ler!!I LOVE YOU PIG<3!!lols..i really enjoy ytd very much!!!service was AWESOME!!hahas..just love to be touched by God!!:)the sermon abt sufferings by pastor kong made me realised tat sufferings are oso blessings from God!!:)hahas..and im very happy tat im slowly building back my relationship with God!!i felt so blessed after ytd service!!lols..okays im gonna study now!!later my cousins coming over to my place..

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♥ Friday, October 16, 2009

today lai chuan again..alarm rang at 7..in the end lai chuan until 8..lols..went for chem consulation with mr wang in the sch lib..n i escape from math..lucky ms sim was not in the class when i was there..den i sneak out of class n went busstop to meet pig..went to eat breakfast at mcs!!so long nvr eat breakfast at mcs ler!!after tat went lib to study..tried doing chem hmwk..lols..n i left my eng tuit hmwk at my gp hse!!i haven started on any yet!!n mon im having tuit!!OH TIAN!!die tmr must go take!!hahas..just now in the lib study half way den kow called me..say wanna celebrate minxin's bd..so me n kow went to buy cake..n we celebrated her bd in KFC..
love ya ah xiang's wife!!after tat went back lib study until 4 den go vivo eat..thxs pig!!for everything!!when i went home i called isma but she was in the lib n i cut short my story..later she called me!!we have so much to tell each other!!miss her so much!!hahas..she ask me to share my story first cos im older-.-zZz..lols..den she told me hers..its super long but very funny!!lols..i just finish eating my peaunts!!my favourite!!WHEE!!:)and and and now im drinking HL MILK!!YUM YUM!!:D

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♥ Saturday, October 10, 2009

hahas..i nvr post for more den a week and i have so much to say!!:Dhahas..been studying!!see so guai:Pi need to get a new bible!!!the cover came out n i used my favourite UHU GLUE to stick it back!!:)hahas..enjoyed service today!!it was GREAT and AWESOME!!!the sermon impacted me!!im so happy!!i've found back wad im missing!!:)its just so great to be in the presence of God..im loving God all over again!!hahas:Dafter service went for collin's bd party!!hahas..im so glad to see W406 so united!!lols..i just LOVE W406!!such a wonderful cg!!hehe:)n im thxing God for everything in my life!!and and and im really happy tat God had place you in my life!!you are a wonderful and beautiful gift tat God had given me!!:)I LOVE YOU PIG<3!!

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