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♥ Sunday, March 22, 2009

ytd service is super funny cos got drama!!and most of all pastor kong is back!!yay!!after service went for fellowship!!sian next week cannot go ler..

saw this while eating at best!!there is two rainbows!!so cool!!
after eating at best went jp to shop..went to eat dessert!!hahas..and i took pics with chio bu!!


israel sign!!hahas..
went home at 10 plus...tat is late..today got no tuit and i cant go for cg!!cos my mother wants me to stay at home to do hmwk..sian..haiz..
and today is kelly birthday!!
love you lots!!加油in wadeva u do!!dun give up:D!!
sian today last day of holi ler..cannot really use com ler..sadT.Thmwk haven finish die ler!!

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♥ Wednesday, March 18, 2009

didn't get a chance to blog ytd..hahas..ytd woke up at 8 den go for lit lesson..and it was so boring!!i nvr listen to wad ms lee say n i was doing my own things..hahas..i played kelly's phone games..den we ate in class..

kelly and me!!

see how table!!how messy it is!!lols..
after tat went to play pool with isma,audrey,xingjie and minghui..hahas..kelly wants me to accompany her b4 her tuit..so we went orchard meet her..we went mcs to eat..hahas..i went home at 8..today must do my hmwk ler..still alot haven finish..sian..tmr gg for explosion den no time to do..only left today and friday afternoon..

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♥ Monday, March 16, 2009

YAY!!today is hui min's birthday!!ytd we helped her celebrate her birthday in tuit!!

her bithday cake!!
im super sad that i nvr attend her birthday party on sat!!sry sry!!time flew!!10 years of friendship ler..hahas..we watched each other grow from pri 1 until now..miss the time we spend tgt..hahas..we were so close to each other..u are the one who understands me the most!!im so touched tat u supported me in the netball finals in pri sch..u wanted to quit yr CCA to join netball with me in pri 4!!no matter wad u r always there for me..

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♥ Sunday, March 15, 2009

ytd didn't have time to post..hahas..i uploaded the pics of the whole of ytd events on CG blog ler..so can go there see..hahas..

this one is adeline write der..hahas..
ytd for once i was late for service but its okays..they started praising ler..once i stepped into the audi..the presence of God was so strong..hahas..i was very happy!!hahas..and i love W406!!<3i so happy that im in this cg..hahas..service was great and pastor paul was talking abt bus ministry..hahas..mayb CHC shld have one too..jkjk..today got tuit..den cannot go for cg outing..sian..T.T mayb at nite i gg zero to hero with isma..hahas..

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♥ Friday, March 13, 2009

wed started on our EFL programme..its was super funny..esp isabelle hahas..after EFL went out with zenna,chris,qimei and baby!!went to eat pizza hut at bukit merah central..

tanya and vani!!

huiyee and jocelyn!!
baby say she wanna be a photographer so she is taking all the pics..

chris and zenna!!

chris acting cool...

i was tieing my hair and baby took a pic..lols

after i ate finish i jusr realised tat i was late for pm!!den i rushed to church lucky i made it in time..and we prayed for the sentosa raiders outreach!!
on the second day of EFL minxin,audrey,isma,huiyee and vinus came my hse to play poo!!
on the third day of EFL(which is today)..its was wonderful!!

isma and audrey!!

me,sherilynn,audrey,isma,minxin and i forgot wads her name.sry..

kelly and me!!

jocelyn and me!!




got heart on the floor!!
after EFL they all wanna come my hse play pool again so we went..


oh my tian!!today is friday!!and tmr it will be sentosa raiders!!!so excited for it..felicia not gg tmr!!den i got to be the photographer without a partner!!):pray tat tmr will not be raining!!i wanna enjoy the outreach..pls pls pls!!i cant wait to be tan again!!im oso excited for tmr service!!huiyee coming!!pray pray pray for salvation!!and sry nise and yunhe!!cant go down tmr to support u two for yr trials!!

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♥ Sunday, March 8, 2009

okays idk why i woke up so early..i slept at like 12 plus...last week when to watch two floorball mtach at rp..hahas..congrats to BMSS b div for winning!!lols..and i get to see tat guy!!

on fri actually i didn't want to go for xiao zhu's auto but den in the end i followed them there and went all the way home to shower and went back again..lols.. and i took the pics from the third floor..its really alot of ppl!!

see so many ppl!!outside still got three times of this!!

ytd really enjoyed service!!hahas..finally went for fellowship after so long..hahas..and i can go for cg today!!YAY!!no tuit..den ytd rush home wanna watch 爱就宅一起..miss the first part so i watching on youtube!!

and today's my CEREAL DAY!!im eating it now..

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♥ Wednesday, March 4, 2009

today got amath paper..i nvr finish the last question cos got no time!!oh my tian!!there goes my 8 marks!!hahas..ytd went rp to watch floorball..its actually the c div matches..mayb i will be gg tmr to rp again to watch the b div boys' match..this time der CA1 doesn't even seems like exam..i just took it like a class test!!my E.lit and social studies can really forget it ler..i really dun care..i would rather concentrate on the other subject..on fri dunno whether to go BMSS for stc c div floorball match or go for xiao zhu's auto..but xiao zhu's auto is like super far!!!east point at simei!!haiz..tmr still got phy and ss paper..den on fri got chem and geog!!die..i just need more sleep!!and i miss training..i feel dam weird!!I CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK FOR TRAINING!!!

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