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♥ Sunday, November 30, 2008

now got new pics!!thxs isabelle for sending me!!hahas..all these taken on the boat back to lumut!!hahas..i still got pics with hazel n nise..when they send me den i will post them..hahas..

we had so much fun on the boat..hahas..
tmr i got training..sian..so fast..why does wonderful times past so fast!!haiz..okays..i must be back to reality..hahas..but i still got to say this!!I MISS MULU AND OBM!!hahas..christmas is coming..im so excited!!hahas..hopefully my christmas will be different!!hahas..im so looking forward to it!!hahas..n rosxy give birth ardy!!hahas..the puppies are soo cute!!

hahas..hopefully it will grow!!so small!!n actually she gave birth to 5..but 1 pass away..so sad!!

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♥ Saturday, November 29, 2008

just came back from service!!hahas..so sad cannot go for fellowship..today nvr see enyun..miss her so much!!hahas..oh yeah n i posting the pics now..

the whole of OYP9 picture!!

this is wad MULU write for me!!plus baby one!!hahas..

we did CIP there too!!


the 4 emo guys!!
i feel so sad..im gonna miss two weeks of church again!!gg tw!!

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suppose to go for tuit today but den got stomache nvr go..saw a doc just now..later gg church!!hahas..so miss church!!miss W406!!lols..omg..ever since i come back from OBM im super tired..hahas..i wanna go back OBM!!hahas..MULU RAWKS TO THE MAX!!i wanna go for the course again next yr!!my mother bought a new camera for tw trip!!hahas..cant wait for the trip!!hahas..i think i will post the pics tat i have..but not now..cos not using my laptop..using my aunt's laptop..lols..omg!!i really wanna go KL like now to see them!!hahas..i oso wanna sms them!!but den i dunno to to msg them..let me ask ppl first..hopefully i can sms them in malaysia!!looking forward to the day tat i can visit them in malaysia!!hahas...

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♥ Thursday, November 27, 2008

OMG!!im ardy missing OBM and MULU and GRP 3!!hahas..i wanna go backT.Tsobsob..i miss EGG PLANT!!hahas..i wanna make fun of zhenz..hahas..MAMA PUI!!!hahas..miss uncle fauzi!!miss uncle junior!!sad..i wanna go back there..i miss yiying n amelia..i wanna go KL!!hahas..I DUN REGRET GG FOR OBM!!but all wonderful things will come to an end..hahas..but still all the memories will be kept in my hair forever..i love the sch song!!

Oh God Bless our native Malaysia
Oh God Bless our native Malaysia
May she live in peace and prosper
Brothers, we beseech thee here
Sisters, we beseech thee here

Spirit of love, toil and sacrifice
Spirit of love, toil and scarifice
Spirit of love, spirit of love
Come to us now and Bless us

Who will join us now at Outward Bound
Who will join us now to serve our land
Work to be more worthy sons of her
Come now, let us all unite
Serve and strive in this noble fight

Spirit of love, toil and scarifice
Spirit of love, toil and scarifice
Spirit of love, spirit of love
Come to us now and Bless us

hahas..uncle fauzi!!its Bless not Blast!!dun BLAST US!!hahas..im still in the OBM mood!!oh my tian..and ppl stop calling me auntie rossie..uncle fauzi yr fault lars..NO!!!lols..tmr still got trainng and tuit..so tired..haiz..still waiting for nise,elizabeth,jessica,hazel to send me pics..got some from li ann ardy!!thxs!!

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♥ Wednesday, November 26, 2008

IM BACK PPL!!hahas..omg i so miss OBM!!
-isabelle(mama pui)
-hazel(hazel nut)
-heng hwee(hwee)
-brenda(big bear)
-li ann
-jerrick(L-death note)[cos he looks like L]
-me!!(uncle fauzi calls me auntie rossie!!)
i wanna stay there dun wanna come back.was crying like mad cans..so sad..im missing yiying n ameila ler!!omg!!miss the guys too!!sad..got alot of stories to tell ler!!hahas..from day 1 all the way to day 10!!my eyes now is super tired..hahas..no pics yet..waiting for ppl to send me!!lets start my long long story!!AND I SURVIVED THE 10 DAYS!!

DAY 1:
was in the bus taking pics..got motion sickness..almost vomited..lucky i nvr..hahas..10 hrs of bus ride all the way there to lumut..on the first day like very sian..dun wanna go..reached there at ard 7 or 8 plus..den had dinner..was assigned to watches!!IM IN MULU!!yay!!hahas..made friends with the yiying,amelia n li ann..all the guys were super dao cans..n guess was ppl..my dorm is 127 steps up the stairs..everyday got to climb so high..so tiring..hahas..i was super scared to sleep on the first nite..so scary..i hold my bible to sleep..keep waking up..dare not sleep..but still manage to pull thru the nite..

DAY 2:
woke up at 6.30am for assembly n morning exercise..den opening cermony..after tat went for breakfast..den later got ice breaking games..same grp as nise..but different watch..the rest of the whole morning was learning ropes n tent pitching..n check our items in our store..den after lunch we went for mini jungle trekking..we lost our way..we asked uncle junior but he always will give the same reply 'dunno' wad?!uncle fauzi oso his favourite line is 'i let u noe later'..lols..in the end we manage to get back on the rite track..after tat went back n do some rope climbing..after dinner..we must share our food load so tat can carry it to the campsite the next day..me n isabelle ng took the water..so heavy cans..went back to the dorm n packed our things for the next day..we put all our things in the magic bag..

DAY 3:
assemble at 7am den have breakfast..we filled the water gillons with water..dam heavy!!get ready n we went for our land expedition..really..our bagpack is super heavy..we got to climb 4 peaks..the slopes are really very steep..i slip n fall quite a number of times..we trekked for abt 6 hrs n we finally reached the campsite..i was so glad mans..we set up our tents..n we shower in the lake..n we just changed there..later had dinner..uncle fauzi help us cook..n we ate..we were super tired..at nite we shared tents with korbu(nise's watch) den the guys sleep together..not enough tent den some of them nvr sleep..but i slept in the tent with nise..it rained at nite..and i dunno when did uncle fauzi keep calling me auntie rossie!!WAD?!

DAY 4:
woke up n packed our things n had our breakfast...the tent sheets were so dirty!!n we got to carry it back!!we trekked back for 2 hrs plus den reached..finally we reached n i was so happy!!we put everything back den had lunch..afternoon was kayaking!!so fun lars..the kayak is so heavy me n isabelle cant carry it..after kayaking we went to swim for a while..afterwards went up to shower..had dinner den briefing..and guess wad!!wad a surprise for us!!the next day was not kayaking..but SOLO CAMPING!!everyone was dam shock cans..they cheat our feelings lars..isabelle was so scared until so cried!!den we went to packed our things..my feelings were neutral..

DAY 5:
7am got asembly..den breakfast..did our last prep work..n we trekked to the place into the jungle..we were like 10m away from each other..i cant pitch tent at all..n i only managed to cook my maggie mee half way..cos i cant light the fire..was stoning n reading bible..got monkey lors..dam scary..the monkey behind me n i scared..but not as scared as insects!!n its not really a solo camp lars..everybody was walking ard..but brenda really solo mans..she nvr tok or wlk ard..yiying oso..but she got tok to us..dinner i went to L's place to eat..cos he got fire..after dinner..went to david's place a while n went back to sleep..cant sleep at all lars..i was hugging my bible n dare not look out cos i scared i see sth..whole nite was awake..cos very noisy..got karaoke n ppl racing motor bikes..super noisy..got no watch so dunno wad time.was waiting for morning..

DAY 6:
fianlly tan n li ann came n said it was 5 plus..n i quickly ran to sun..n den went to eliydia's place..isabelle n she n ameila slept together..after packing all our things..we went to make milo n have breakfast..n i got alot of sand flies bites..went down to meet the rest..after tat got rock climbing..hahas..trekked back n had lunch..we get to rest for quite long until dinner..after dinner rest again..n later on got briefing for the next day kayak..n den went to get our things n packed them..hahas..was excited gg to pangkor island..hahas..

DAY 7:
7am assembly..after breakfast it was raining heavily..got to wait for a while for the rain to lighten..n guess wad..we saw 5 rainbows!!tats alot..hahas..after a while we started kayaking there..oh my tian!!i got sea sick..got headache..the waves are dam big lars..we kayak for like 1 hr plus den reached.we started pitching our tent..hahas..n its my best day ever..mulu was the first to finish pitching n first to eat!!hahas..we have chicken burger for lunch!!after lunch went to swim in the sea..very nice..the waves very big n i enjoyed myself..we were all wet n we had to change into our long sleeves n long pants for abseiling..i love it!!hahas..n we shower in a so called toilet..its so dark..n i saw monkeys..we cooked our own dinner..n we hang ard n slack n tok..hahas..n we gossip alot tat nite..later they played truth or dare..n its so funny..was to sleep at 12 plus..at ard 5 plus in the morning..it was raining like mad..den all our tents were flooded..my things are wet..n i wake up and got a shock..i was super tired tat i fell asleep even though its flooded..

DAY 8:
we packed our things and had our breakfast..we got ready to kayak back..the kayak trip back was faster..n we went back to put all our things into the store..and had lunch!!after lunch we did community service..we played games with the them..its was super fun..after tat went for dinner..n had to discuss abt the performance for BBQ nite...

DAY 9:
ITS OUR DAY OFF!!we took boat to pangkor island to shop..but first we visited the temple..n went to town to shop..i bought a shirt..hahas..we are like walking here n there..meet back at the meeting point at 12 plus..took boat back n had a chance to rest for a while..later was briefing for BBQ NITE!!hahas..mulu was suppose to arrange the chairs.heng mans..we carried the tables..its dam heavy..went up to shower n meet at 7 plus..we really had a wonderful nite..everyone was so formal..i nvr bring any formal clothes..hahas..our performance was so last min..but den i think we did okays for it..not too bad..and we did the mulu mulu bulu ketiak..we sang the school song..i started crying even b4 we sang the auld lang syne..i was super tired tat nite..and guess wad..i egg plant zhenz n he got a shock..HAHAS..super funny..u shld have seen his reaction..went back dorm packed our bags..n i didnt really pack..too lazy ler..

DAY 10:
nise n isabelle kept waking me up n i was dam tired..finally its 6.20am and i woke up and rushed..bring all my stuffs down..n mulu assemble n uncle fauzi gave us our photos...he oso give us back all the money n wallets..den closing cermony..i bought two OMB shirts..after tat we got to leave..i was so sad..n i cried like crazy..so sad..we kept hugging each other..i dun wanna come back..i wanna stay in lumut..i dun mind staying there for another 10 days!!so sad..we didnt wan to leave..but den the teachers chase us up onto the bus..we cried and cried..so sad..n we reached sch at 8plus..

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♥ Sunday, November 16, 2008

just now went to get everything.so last min!!everything is packed except for toothbrush n one or two things..went to cut hair at IMM after tuit..its super short!!hahas..den went up to garden plaza..frh came dam late..wanted to meet baby..but den i had to go home to pack..so didnt meet her..i took pics..it was super crowded lars..n ppl was like squeezing..so irritating!!

cant even see them!!so small!!hahas..i cant imagine last time i oso like tat siao abt them..hahas..im gonna sell my frh first album with auto to baby!!plus xiao zhu der..oh gosh..seriously will miss sg n alot of things!!c'div wish u all the best for yr carnival on monday!!n to the whole netball team gd luck for yr match with westwood on wed!!play yr best n dun give up..want to hear gd news from u guys!!hahas..to kaiwei n ferlinda!!
ferlinda flying away b4 we come back!!wish her all the best in everything n have a safe journey!!seeya all in 10 days time!!

寻找音樂灵感 @ 8:59 PM

one more day to OBM!!n i still haven pack yet..HAVEN YET GET MY STUFFS!!sian..after tat still got tuit..why im i so busy?!tmr must be in sch at 7am!!i really will miss asia conference..oh no!!but i will continue praying!!i will miss church and W406!!will miss NETBALLERS too!!miss everybody!!i need to go out now..to get my things..n den tuit..hahas..mata ne!!

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♥ Saturday, November 15, 2008

today so happy tat khoongeok came my church!!hahas..n congrats to yaozhong!hahas..had great service today.!pastor kong was preparing us for asia conference!!n sadly I CANT GO!!wad?!got obm..n its 2 days away..oh no!!hahas..n i forgot ferlinda n kaiwei's birthday is on 17 nov!!i nvr buy present for kaiwei..anws we celebrated ferlinda's birthday today!!
birthday girl!!

W406 sisters!!

W406 brothers!!plus ferlinda the birthday girl!!hahas..
after tat i cant long for fellowship..must go home have dinner..so khoongeok went imm n i went home..

so this is khoongeok's photography skill??lols..

ferlinda,felicia,me n khoongeok..
so glad tat she joined us for service..hahas..i feel so sian now..dun wanna go OBM liaos lars!!wanna go asia conference!!n im super tired now..tmr still got to buy things..haven even buy my bag yet..plus i got tuit tmr..sian lars!!why must OBM clash with everything!!oops..tats was random..lols..

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♥ Friday, November 14, 2008

today went sch for amath re-test..sian..dunno how to do..lols..waited for teacher for half an hr..hahas..we took pics..

me n baby..n she dun wan me call her baby liaos..

doro took pics of chiris..lols..
after the paper..me n chris rushed for tuit..hahas..we were one hr late n we went to buy subway.hahas..didn't really do much during tuit..we were laughing n asking ms chua to have children..its very funny..hahas..after chem tuit..huimin,yenshan n i went for math tuit..today got two tuit!!hahas..came home..hahas..lucky nvr miss my corner with love..but den next week cannot watch liaos..gg OBM!!hahas..sadist..hahas..counting down to three more days to OBM!!whoas..tats fast..

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♥ Thursday, November 13, 2008

today..raining in the morning..so cooling..its sleeping weather..but den the sad thing is I GOT TO WAKE UP FOR TRAINING..sian..n its like im so tired..haiz..almost rained the whole day.
see wad i mean..we trained under the rain..i was dam scared i got fever..n OBM is another 4 more days!!wad?!haven even buy my things yet..after training went holland village with xin n nise..we ate cold rock..n nise lent me money..THXS!!it was freezing cold there..went home..den now feeling a bit warm..haiz..sian..i pray tat i wouldn't fall sick!!praise the lord!!

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♥ Wednesday, November 12, 2008

for the past few days very lazy post..hahas..today went for training..its super hot n sunny..i nvr put sunblock..lols..after training went vivo..the rest eat but i nvr..i only bought my barley drink from giant..came back home n dun nth..sian..my life is so boring..but den tmr n fri got tuit..haiz sian..n im leaving sg in 4 days time for obm..10 days there..hahas..will miss alot of shows tat i wanna watch..sian sian..i haven even started packing my stuffs..n my sport shoe is wearing out..oh yeah..i really hope tat khoongeok will come for service this sat..hahas..

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♥ Saturday, November 8, 2008

just now went for fellowship after service..wanted to go for my cousin's birthday party..in the end nvr go..as usual..got math tuit in the morning..den went for bs..n service was great by Rev. Dr. Ed Silvoso!!and he is sure a funny man..hahas..in faith i believe tat i can do extraordinary with my hands!!hahas..Praise The Lord!!so sad tat tmr cannot go for cg!sobsob..cos got tuit..ahhh..sian..n i wanna go for asia conference!!got OBM!!i wanna hear Benny Hinn preach!!i assured tat it will have a great impact in my life!!sad..gonna miss this..haiz..sian..tmr still got tuit..tired mans..i haven get my things for OBM..oh no..better start thinking wad to bring..AND MUST DO MY HOLIDAY HOMEWORK..!!

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♥ Friday, November 7, 2008

went for healthy lifestyle thing..it was so boring..nth to do there..i played the 投篮机..ITs FREE!!lols..
me and kaiwei..!!
after tat me,xin,juliana,nise,abigail,vivian n yunhe went to eat dinner at esplanade..hahas..n its the indian festival..they got alot of things there..took pics..
the artwork..lols
me n xin..

i like this..so cool..!!hahas..
enyun i will study my amath..hahas..tmr i got tuit..sian..i haven do my hmwk yet..die ler..n im super tired now..blah..oh yeah..just now the guy called again..wth..!!dunno wad he wants..

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♥ Thursday, November 6, 2008

today got tuit at 3..when westmall to buy cake for yenshen,cheryl n tinwei's birthday..saw weiqi on the way..lols..

yummy cake!!hahas..

celebrated their belated birthday!!hahas..
and ms chua dun be sad okays!!dester will be fine!!we will pray for him..nth will happen to him!!cheer up@((^.^))@
tmr got healthy lifestyle event..hahas..dunno wad are we gonna do there except for playing captain ball..lols..

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♥ Wednesday, November 5, 2008

WOW!!got training 3 days in a row n each day 4hrs..!!so tired..but i still cant rest tmr..got tuit..really chao tired der..cos of the no. of rounds we ran!!so scary..lols..just now went watch movie with enyun,felicia,wanyi,jingyuan n yu xuan..hahas..we watched sing to the dawn..the story is so different from the book..n i think my sch's musical is much better..after the movie went to eat..on the way i saw xin!!lols..sister u r back!!hahas..miss u so much lars..lols..i didnt really eat a full meal cos i gg home for dinner..den we tok until 6 plus we went..i took bus home..hahas..went home to watch 转角遇到爱!!woohoo!!miss the first part..lols..oh yeah..today is yenshan's birthday!!hahas..
n good news from ms chua..rossy is pregnant!!hahas..cool..so anyone wants puppies can tell me!!

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♥ Monday, November 3, 2008

ytd went for cg!!hahas..but nvr go for fellowship..n now im chao tired der..today training was like super super tiring..i think we the shooters ran more den 5km..we kept runnning n running..now my legs are tired..n i feel lke sleeping..actually training was suppose to end at 11am but coach extended it n we ended at 12pm..!!4hrs of training!!tmr oso same!!4hrs of training!!sian..i bet i tmr cannot wake up..must drag myself up..YAY!!tmr the nz ppl are coming back..yahoo..!!time really fly!!very fast it would be the OBM ppl gg to malaysia..i scared i cannot tahan the insects!!oh my tian!!i will scream n cry if i see a LEECH..!!ewww!!im scared!!now having slight headache..tmr comfirm sure die der...wahh!!i really wanna sleep.but i playing runescape now..lols..but den after i use for a while i wanna go sleep..cos really cannot take it anymore!!oh yeah..n ytd got this guy called me..i really dunno who is tat.!i was wondering how did he get my no.!!m((-.-'''))m..scary..n i saw sunthari n adeline at tiong just now..hahas..

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♥ Saturday, November 1, 2008

sad tat today cannot go for fellowship..went to my grandma hse to eat..now feeling dam tired..hope tmr can go for cg!!lols..woke up late n went late for tuit..no bs today so last min called isma out..so sry..we went arcarde..im very happy..i played 投篮机 i broke my own record..i got 320!!YAY!!hahas..den we played DDR and i suck at it..hahas..very funny..we both failed at stage 4..we walked ard jurong point..cos we really got nth to do..den i went to church at 2 plus..reached there at 3..hahas..very happy tat adeline joined us today..lols..i might be bringing my sis for cg tmr..hope tat she would want to go..hahas..trying to bring her into christ..praise the Lord!!oh yeah..n i made a new friend ytd..she is oso an ex netballer..lols..

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