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♥ Saturday, January 31, 2009

today was the last amath tuit lesson i had..hahas..quit ler..after tat went lunch with enyun and had bs..service today was great..pastor kong was like teaching us abt ancient china's history..but i think its very cool tat they were christians long long ago before christ..lols..after service went for fellowship!!hahas.took pics with wanyi!!

YAY!!chio bu i love you!!lols..

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♥ Tuesday, January 27, 2009

just came home from movie..only me,yahong,felicia and qiming went..wanyi wanted to come in the end nvr..we met at city hall and walked to marina sq..den went to gv..actually wanted to watch love matters..and our birthday haven come so cannot..so in the end watched the wedding game..after buying tics went mcs to eat..n i got my toy!!hehe!!so happy..i still got three more to collect..slack at mcs for a while den went up..the show was dam funny..i was laughing all the way!!黑人is so cool..he is so man and he had to act sissy..hahas..cant imagine tat..so after the movie we walked felicia to mrt station..den me,yahong and qiming wanted to walk to bugis so we walked THE WRONG WAY!!!lols..we walked all he way to city hall and U turn back cos bugis is another side..in the end we walked back to raffles city and i went home..so left they two..hahas..i think they still at bugis bah..lols..

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♥ Monday, January 26, 2009

just came back from my grandma's hse!!lols..now quite tired..

this is my today's outfit..lols..and i noe i got fat thighs..whatever!!hahas..
im posting the reunion dinner photos..

this is all taken today!!

see this is i build der..hahas..

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♥ Saturday, January 24, 2009

went tuit early in the morning..woke up late..and my mother fetched me there..so not tat late..after tuit got to wait for my mother so i went popular..and guess wad i stayed there for an hour plus..but i was looking for assessment books..hahas..later went to the optical shop to check my contacts..but she having lunch..so must wait..i was abit pissed cos i dun wanna be late for service..so went to eat lunch and came back to the optical shop..den she haven come so we waited there for 15 min and i got more pissed..finally she came den after checking my parents fetched me to church..lucky i was not late!!the audi was super packed..some even sat on the stairs..pastor kong preached on the chinese words..hahas..its seem tat we are like having chinese lessons..hahas!!he showed us the chinese words characters..and how it was related to God..really enjoyed service today!!hahas..later cannot go for fellowship need to go home eat dinner..so went home after service..and now sitting in front of the computer..and im gonna try to finish my hmwk b4 CNY!!but i still got one more task tat is to help to think of solution for sth..hmms..i will try my best..

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♥ Friday, January 23, 2009

today no half day..sian..in the morning got goal setting den mrs wong for so long..i almost fell asleep..i rather have lessons mans..hahas..after tat got goal setting talk..and went back to class to do the goal setting thingy..after tat went for recess..lols..later went up to the hall for CNY celebration!!its a bit boring..but most of the time funny..cos got funny ppl sitting near me..lols.sch end at 1.10pm..hahas..den went out with ami,qimei and zenna..i went to buy happy meal..i wanna collect all the toys..ytd gracia gave me her one..which is the basketball one..today i got the pole vault..hahas..

afterwards went to shop for shoes..tiong dun have..so me and ami wanted to go town..but in the end went chinatown OG..hahas..can hunt for shoes and find khoongeok..lols..went down to find her first den went up again to buy shoes..after buying went down to find her again..we tok n tok for so long and i asked her alot of rubbish questions..den later her boss come me n ami went away..after a while her boss was walking with a china salegirl..i heard her say wad she was toking to her two friends and blah blah blah..wth cans..den they was toking n walking den they stopped half way..she is so sucking up to kg's boss cans..den i stared at her..she so kpo for wad.spying on kg..next time i see her im gonna complain..n im so stepping on her legs..arh!!!haiz..den later we left n went home..

took this in the train..hahas..okok..im gonna chill and cool down..
and den on wed with first tp match the GD use her elbow and hit my face..and its near to my eye!!

see got blue black..pain pain..

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♥ Thursday, January 22, 2009

finally free to blog today..no need do hmwk today cos tmr no lessons!!finally..hahas..very tired..for the past three days i have being gg to CCAB..yeah..struggling with my sch work and netball.i really prayed hard to God for the strength..haiz..okays..im gonna post pics..

ytd after match went to eat and its super funny!!all thxs to vads!!lols

just now after juniors' match went out with them to eat island creamery!!

ami sitting on the thins tat is for children!!hahas..
and now im super chao ji sad can..i ask the clique to go out..and some dun wan..do u all noe tat im trying to get ahpaos to go out tgt..and nobody appreciate it cans..haiz..

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♥ Saturday, January 17, 2009

today pastor tan shared a very strong word between God and us...hahas..enjoyed the service very much..im gonna keep praying and praying..i love God's CREATION and love the house of God!!tmr still got tuit..now very tired..and im super scared for next week..first game will be with first toa payoh..hahas..and i got 5 tests next week!!haiz..sian sian sian..and i noe my new cgc ler..its ernest!!hahas..same as kelyn..its time for me to reflect ler..hahas..and mayb i shld take pastor tan's advise to write down my prayer list!!lols..

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♥ Friday, January 16, 2009

one whole week nvr go online ler!!so long!!after a long week of struggle!!finally its weekend again!!haiz..but weekend still got no time to rest..got to do my hmwk and got tuit!!haiz..on wed got lit lesson and we did a unseen poem!!we drew a person in the poem!!timothy winters..

hahas..this is kelly artwork!!
next week is south zone ler!!so fast!!oh my tian!!haiz..so tiring and rush..and very fast will be chinese new year ler..and soon o lvl will come..hahas..so tired now..after training..lols..

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♥ Saturday, January 10, 2009

ytd got CCA fair..hahas..and i actually got sun burned!!ytd and today being doing my hmwk..see i so guai..lols..

the board tat we did!!

vaddi drew on lixian's hand..

she oso wrote on my hand!!hahas..
today got flag day den miss tuit..but in the morning was okays..cos tats the usual time tat i wake up tuit..but now im super tired..flag day was at Eunos!!so far!!hahas..after tat rushed for church..today preaching by Rev. John Bevere was great!!even though he speaks super fast..but i tried to catch up..its was super powerful!!hahas..after service couldn't go for fellowship so came home..so now im here to do my hmwk..hahas..and FERLINDA IS BACK!!hahas..saw her today!!miss her so much!!

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♥ Sunday, January 4, 2009

ytd went for service!!very moody..haiz..still cannot control myself..
after service went to celebrate wanyi's and weiren's birthday!!but today is their actual birthday!!
went to hong kong cafe to eat..the things there super ex!!den we sing birthday song for them..lols..i love my cg!!hahas..after tat wanted to go esplanade with the rest but den my mother ask me go home..haiz..really wanna fellowship with them!!i really really cherish the time i spent with them!

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♥ Friday, January 2, 2009

first day of sch and its sucks!!cos of some ppl!!they spoil my day and mood..hmpf..they pang seh me can..so now im offically got no partner..and im toking to myself..hahas..but den i really must thank them oso..they taught me a very impt lesson..to cherish my friends..sry AHPAOS!!its a hard time for me today and i almost cried..lols..but lucky nvr..true friends are really hard to find..i only noe tat the only true and faithful friend tat i have is GOD..no matter wad he will still love us as his child..hahas..i will rmb tat in my mind..thru this its made me realise tat many ppl two face der..haiz..
O lvl this yr!!oh no!!really got to chong..haiz..and i got no time to think of all this things..they spoil my day!!!!but i will LOVE W406!AHPAOS!NETBALLERS!

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