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♥ Saturday, February 28, 2009

just came home from service..today is the last part of the woman and man's needs..next week will be i forgot ler..lols..on wed after match on the way to island creamery we saw rainbow!!it cheered me up!!

if u see carefully can see two rainbows!!

see chio bu put make up today!!hahas..so pretty!!
this coming week CA1 ler..i still haven touch my books to study..haiz..really got no time lehs..hahas..

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♥ Sunday, February 22, 2009

its been a few days since i posted..hahas.last time was the time i posted abt tank's new song!!chao happy der!!but now im gonna post some pics first bah..

these are my grandfather's birthday pics!!

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♥ Tuesday, February 17, 2009

终于听到tank的新歌了。等了好久哦!虽然他还在养病我还是会支持他的!在回家的途中我一直都在听tank的新歌[全世界都停电] 直到现在。很专心的聆听那首歌的歌词和节奏。我觉得那首歌带着很沉重的心情又很悲伤的感觉。有一种想哭的心情。tank的专辑将在五月发行。希望他的病可以早日康复。真的好期待哦!
TANK 加油!加油!加油!

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♥ Saturday, February 14, 2009

enjoy my day today!!i love service today!!even though it was meant for married couples but still its meaningful!!hahas..the drama was super funny..and i wanna say thxs to W406!!thxs(x infinity) lots!!for celebrating my birthday!!its the best year i nvr had..hahas..after tat went off..actually suppose to go home first in the end went straight to zenna's hse!!only me,qimei,vivian and kelly went..lols..ate den sang birthday songs to zenna!!got pics but i too lazy to post..hahas..tmr super busy got tuit in the afternoon den later need to go for my grandfather's 80th birthday dinner..den got no time to do hmwk..

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♥ Friday, February 13, 2009

today got both birthday and valentine's day presents!!but my best ever present in my whole life tat is priceless is given by NETBALLERS!!
this is really my birthday wish and my present!!really love you all!!u all really played yr best and hard!!im so happy and proud of u guys!!train hard alrites!!and peeps rmb God is so faithful..He plan it in a way tat wed we played badly losing by 2 and its rained heavily..the game was postpone to today..and we played so well!!i will continue to pray hard!!thxs for all the smses tat all those who wished my happy birthday!!thxs alot!!
amira:hahas..u put my last time pics with my white spect!!lols..AMIRA I LOVE TOO!!HAHAS!!
really wanna take this chance to thank every single one of you who make my day so great and wonderful!!a million of kisses to u all!!thanks to those who remembered my brithday!!

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♥ Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ytd was so heng!!won bishan park!!by 3!!whoas!!den went island creamery!!and khoon geok treat us!!she bought a tub of strawberry sobert and mudpie..so nice!!tmr last game!!scary sia..if win can go second round..hooo..oh my tian!!after sch went to ikea with zenna and qimei go buy valentine's day presents!!giving the cell grp,clique and netballers!!just gonna blog all this..too lazy to type more..

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♥ Saturday, February 7, 2009

okays firstly wanna post the whole weeks event..on tue i think did chem experiment!!

so cool!!
den on thurs was zenna's birthday!!
went to vivo to celebrate..

its gonna rain!!

kelly's unglam!!

tats all for the pics..
i love service today!!pastor kong was preaching abt relationship between husband and wife..hahas..they oso got drama and its chao funny..lols..laughing like crazy.lols..but den today cannot join them for fellowship..went home for dinner..hahas..

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