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♥ Monday, September 29, 2008

exams are like 7 days away..n i started only studying ss chap 1-.-'''diaos lors..sian lars..now im sick..arh..having flu..my sis got chicken poxs..dam sian lars today..got 4 whole periods of phy lessons..omg!!ytd F1!!massa n kimi!!its such a waste..dam sad ytd tat ferrari nvr win..arh..why such things happen to ferrari..ohhs..i bet everyone is like studying n im still here playing com..wed holi oso cannot rest ah..got tuit in the morning..

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♥ Thursday, September 25, 2008

today eng paper..i screwed up everything..sian..just got to pray hard to pass my paper..after the second paper still got time b4 the chem SPA starts..so slacked a bit..after SPA went home with kelyn..just now i asked my mother whether can i go for tmr youth service..sad to say i cant go T.Tsobsob..my mother only allow me to go for one service so i choose sat service..felt so dissappointed..y my mother like tat..tat time oso dun allow me to go for prayer meeting sian..tmr still got chinese paper..arh..cant wait till the day tat i can burn all my books..

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♥ Tuesday, September 23, 2008

sunday went to suntec there..cos my mother wanna buy sth..n i saw ferrari.whoas..dam nice..red colour one..hot mans..

these two pics are not ferrari..dunno how brand..

today did my 6 items test today..NAFA..its was crazy..cos tat time i injured my ankle so nvr do..tmr whole body comfirm ache der..die..i haven buy baby n vivian's presents.ahhh..pok liaos..sian..thurs got eng paper n fri got chinese paper..

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♥ Friday, September 19, 2008

yeah..now quite rush..got pics to post.
hey peeps..dun think sick..see properly..
today got alot of pics..

alo tof shadows..lols

F1 preparation..so cool..i wanna go watch F1..
went esplanade with ami..took pics..

wind blowing..our hair are so screwed..

picking up the litter in the water..

shadows again..lols

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♥ Thursday, September 18, 2008

today wake up in the morning got a slight headache..i was like thinking die liaos..cos today got phy SPA..SPA was quite okays..not tat difficult..heng sia..i just realised tat i really got alot of things haven study yet..sian lars..den now dam bored..tmr meeting the clique at 7am downstairs vivian's hse..lols..

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♥ Sunday, September 14, 2008

haven been coming online these few days..so busy after sch reopen..sian..my mother say today go collect my phone..i brought it for repair..got to use my sis old phone.it totally suck can..exams are like really coming..n i haven started studying..only abit!!dun even have time to watch hot shot..later still got tuit lehs..sian sian sian..ahhhh..

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♥ Tuesday, September 9, 2008

i feel so sian..i sat nvr go church..i dun feel fresh..haiz sian..now dam tired..its like only the start of term 4..posting a little only..cos got too much cannot write finish..went i got time den i say bah..

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♥ Sunday, September 7, 2008

ytd woke at 5 plus..n meet the rest at 6 plus..was out the whole day..after PESS we went to cine..wanted to catch a movie but in the end we nvr..went arcarde...i played the 投篮机..at first i broke my record..i got 199..den i played another time i got 222..lols..was dam happy..tat i broke my record..later nise wanna do sth..den we booked a rm n watch the messager..its a horror movie..but not tat scary..i only scream a few times..not as much as i watch dead slient..half way thru the show..my mother called..n she scolded me..cos i nvr go home at 4..but den she allow me to stay..so i went home at 6 plus..my sis told me tat my mother tot tat i got bf n went out out with him?!wth cans!!of course my sis say no..make me pissed sia..today gg to chinatown for 十字路口..meeting them at 11 plus..

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♥ Thursday, September 4, 2008

today was a tiring day for me..woke up at 7.30 wanted to prepare to go for tuit..but den my father say cancel cos they read me sms..lucky they tell me if not i go so early..went back to sleep n woke up at 9..still was super tired..went for chem tuit..forgot to bring my hmwk..sian..after tuit went for cg outing..hahas..finally can go for once..went topone to sing k..later cannot go eat with them..me n wanyi went off first..cos wanyi got tuit n i need to go home..n sunday i got no tuit!!yay!!finally!!den i can go for 十字路口..lols..but not gg for service this sat..i gg to see the nation cup final..gonna watch 籃球火ep6 now..
oh ya n one more thing!!whoever wanna go for 刘力扬音乐会 tell me by this week..cos i need to give the names..its totally free!!
date: 14 sept (sunday)
veune: K union
time: 7.30pm

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♥ Wednesday, September 3, 2008

woke up at guess wad time..5.30 plus..meet xin at tiong at 6.15..the rest were late..after breakfast took mrt to boon lay..me n xin waited for the sec1 den we leave..sat 199 to westwood sec..played match until 12 plus..suppose end at 11 plus..den drag..after tat me n xin actually wanted to go kallang get the tics but den i wanna go church for praise n worship..so in the end meet up with xin friends..after the p&w me n xin went jurong point to meet weiqi they all..but we nvr eat so we two went to eat..den later went home..AND IM DAM PISSED OF WITH MY PHONE!!ITS SPOIL!!keep oning n offing by itself..den now got to use the old phone..sian lors..haiz..

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♥ Monday, September 1, 2008

okays..this post is gonna have ALOT of pics.yes..so..yeah..ytd went for the comax fair..its was freaking crowded.. i hate crowded places..den got tis guy he was pulling his dunno wad big box..den its scratched me!!make until my finger red..
can really see but until...today meet khoongeok at ard 12 plus..went to redhill market n eat lunch..later meet ami at 1 to pass her sth..later went to library to meet teresa..the library got no space to study so we went to mcs..teresa sat taxi home..me n khoongeok went to mcs n sat there..its dam cold there..n she tat girl nvr study.she was exploring her new phone..i cant stand it anymore..so we went to my grandma's hse to study..on air-con n study..she was not studying lors..only a bit..i got her unglamour pics..HAHAS!!

later after tat we went downstairs der playground n took a lot of pics..

we oso did the 十连拍..hahas..but missing seven..lols..





super long post rite..lols..

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