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♥ Sunday, August 23, 2009

just came back from SHOPPING!!!hahas..finally bought my dress ler!!!YAY!!still got shawl to buy!!thxs to my sis for helping me to find!!okays im gonna say sth random!!must cherish yr love ones ard u!!dun regret!!most important must have faith in God!!:)im so happy tat God loves me even though i sin n failed many times!!im sure He will do sth in my life!!:)

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♥ Friday, August 21, 2009

sian today chao sucky!!!arh!!!why?!chao moody lors..my mother say wanna go japan skiing!!n it clashing with all my plans!!den i argued with her..its after my os lors..why must she spoil my plan!!sian..n same old thing again..my father brought in church AGAIN!!!i was telling him why he bring up church and why not the teachers n sch..since i spent more time in sch den church!!WTH cans..chao angry now!!and wads the freaking prob!!everything is giving me prob!!the videos for weiren i suppose to send to jasper on wed..den today i open hotmail they said cant send!!!im seriously reaching my boiling point ler..and im sry pig!!didnt mean to be angry with u just now..was just having mood swings..

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♥ Tuesday, August 18, 2009

tmr is gonna be a sucky day for me!!phy paper 1 n 2 plus chi os results coming out plus eng os orals!!!wad is this??!!so many things!!sian!!tmr ami's birthday!!me n xin deciding to give her a kiss..i one side xin another side..hehe..i received a kiss from her for my birthday!!gd luck to myself tmr!!hahas..and HAPPY 2ND MONTH!!!!<3I LOVE YOU!!!:D

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♥ Monday, August 17, 2009

whoos!!still left 4 more papers plus eng orals!!!hahas..i saw wrongly n tot today was phy geog!!I STUDIED WRONG BK!!!lucky its not os if not i seriously can just kill myself!!sry huiyee!!but the papers was okays lars..just need to use common sense..lols..sian tmr got eng tuit..chao scared for orals!!L1!!!oh tian..just hope tat i wont screw it up..and im suppose to study n geog n phy!!but my phy is really FORGET IT!!!but no matter wad must still try my best!!:)

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♥ Monday, August 10, 2009

ytd celebrated cherlene's birthday!!thxs yenshan for the sweets n min for the cake!!:)hahas..

yenshan and kellee!!

hahas..okays i agree tat me n chris were acting gross ytd..lols..

GORILLA!!!hahas..gotch ya!!:P
n ytd went to watch fireworks..its chao crowded!!i shall not go to crowded place ler..super scary.and most of got ppl SMOKING!!!but anws had a wonerful nite ytd!!:)hahas..
today woke up for tuit..in the end my tutor nvr come..so i was doing math until now..ah xiang's songs pei me do..in the end my ipod died-.-zzzfeel super sian whole day do math!!very boring!!haiz..but its okays!!cos I WANT TO SHINE FOR JESUS!!<3!!JIAYOUS!!!had a dream..it seems so real..how i wish its in reality..but i noe dreams will always be dreams..it will not happen in reality..i surrender!!gonna pray pray pray and thank God for everything!!:)this week prelims ler..so gonna do my best!!not giving up easily!!but at the same time not gonna burn myself out!!its O's lvl tat is the MOST IMPORTANT!!

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♥ Wednesday, August 5, 2009

finally after so long touching com ler..hahas..went sci centre on sat with PIGGY!!hahas..helped isma in the morning..wanted to go watch wilber but in the end choose to go sci centre..went to see the DA VINCI exhibition..all phy stuffs..but i like his art!!



3D glasses on..

so cool!!glowing!!

yeah he got eaten up by the mouth!!


now im addicted to michael jackson song all thxs to AH XIANG'S WIFE!!!

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