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♥ Thursday, April 30, 2009

whoas!!!this week busy(x100)!!oso tired...sad..tmr labour day still got tuit!!-.-'''wed ss paper..IM SUPER HAPPY!!i dreamt of the questions and it really came out!!hehe..hmms..why does time pass so fast!!!tmr will be may ler!!!hahas..today wanyi shared a word!!is tat time pastor said!!GOD KNEW ME EVEN BEFORE HE CREATED ME!!i find this very meaningful!!:)and now sth tat made me more high!!!i just heard TANK'S NEW SONG!!!YAY!!called 生还者!!!whole song haven come out yet..only the chorus!!i waited for soooooooooooooo long!!!finally!!坦克回来了!!开心开心!!20 more days!!!but sian..tmr got tuit..haiz..i still haven decide where to go study tmr!!hmms..super tired now..these few days very lazy to post!!

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♥ Wednesday, April 22, 2009

hahas..okays..im suppose to do my hmwk but i came online..still got alot haven finish and i dun care much ler..being posting pics on cg blog..neglected my blog!!hahas..sat went for carnival..

yunhe shooting!!

abigail shooting!!

me and ami!!

plus milred!!

sinwei defending!!

xin ami n me!!

felicia me and wan wan!!

hahas..i got sunburn after the carnival!!im super happy to get back my tan!!!


see jasper behind de siao!!

jasper de siao-ing again!!

me and sunthari!!

he zhao with wing!!

me and enyun!!

me and adeline!!

W406 took pic with pastor zhuang!!!so cool!!

me and audrey!!
ytd eng tuit was chao scary!!sian now got to write 2 essays!!today got phy spa!!tmr still got chem spa!!!WHY SO MANY SPA!!!fri chi paper..after tat gg rp support floorball final!!hahas..cant wait..comfirm it will be super exciting!!hehe..and i completed my 2.4 ler!!yay!!got improvement!!
okays this is super random..

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♥ Saturday, April 18, 2009

finally get to blog ler..past 3 days been uploading pics for cg blog..IM SO DEPRIVED OF SLEEP!!super tired..fri sports carnival was shit!!!hahas..only get one medal!!

see cute cute baby 18 wearing the medal!!hahas..
after tat went to adeline's hse to study and we took pics!!

i will find time to post today's events!!cos now i wanna sleep ler!!IM SO TIRED!!!cant stand it ler..im gonna KO anytime..

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♥ Sunday, April 5, 2009

hahas..two weeks nvr post ler..very busy these few days!!started to study just this week..hahas..dunno why suddenly got the urge to study..lols..gonna get even more busy for the weeks to come..eng tuit both in sch and home coming up..tue got sports heats..die lars..i dun wanna run..got phobia of running..bcos of wad happen in sec1 and sec2..sian..tahan for another 8 more months and IM FREE!!!YAY!!jiayou(x100)to myself!!ganbatte!!im feeling very sad now..haiz..sian..now even more sad cos FERRARI nvr win F1 in the malaysia!!!!WAD?!!!come on massa and kimi u two can do it!!!!show the ferrari power mans!!!YAY!!!

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