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♥ Thursday, October 30, 2008

today had great with W406!!lols..got cg outing at my hse..took pics with zoe's phone..we played pool for very long..

we took pic in the sauna room..
and we took pic in the toilet..we make alot of noise..lols..

kelyn,me,adeline,enyun,jingyuan and zoe!!

we emoing in the toilet..

plus wanyi n minyee..
next we went to the fountain the take..

afterwards went to redhill market to have dinner..i nvr eat cos i go home n eat..pei them until they finish..lols..
haiz sian..tmr still got training..so boring..everytime do the same things..

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♥ Wednesday, October 29, 2008

now dam tired..today training was dam slack..no coach..n vice captain is not a easy job!!haiz..sian..wanna sleep..after training went to lixian hse..watch hana yori dango at her hse..but watch it halfway..den we watched huo yuan jia..lols..den got nth to do..so we wanted to go west mall..but lixian,juli went bukit tamah n mildred went home..left me,zhixin n kaiwei..hahas..in the end i took mrt home..n now im really tired..tmr got cg outing..yay!!at my hse..kelyn coming my hse early to study amath..

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♥ Tuesday, October 28, 2008

just finishing watching hana yori dango season 2 disc 4!!dam nice..OGURI SHUN IS SO CUTE!!lols..n hanazawa rui kissed makino!!oh my tian!!she is suppose to like domyoji!!hahas..tmr got training..sian KO!!crazy to have training 4 times a week..holi like no holi at all..((-.-))nvm der lars..WongShiQian u can do it..ganbatte des!!thurs will enjoy myself der wors..((^.^))im high now!!woohoo..cos i see oguri shun ma..hahas..jkjk..i prefer him with dyed hair..the hana kimi one is black..n his hairstyle is very weird..lols..whee!!hahas..

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♥ Monday, October 27, 2008

went shopping just now..my father bought a new phone..touch screen der..hahas..den later my mother went john little to shop..its dam boring to shop with her..so only see her thingss..me n my sis was dam bored..n we took pics..

we just took the sunglasses on display n wore it..lols..
this one looks weird..it has holes in between..lols..

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♥ Sunday, October 26, 2008

just came back from cg n fellowship..hahas..im so happy tat adeline went today!!after cg i was dam high again..like ytd..lols..was laughing thru out the journey from ernest's hse to yew tee mrt..lols..n im so happy tat i went for cg today!!praise the lord!!n now im so hungry.((T.T))now watching HSM2.later got hit awards!!yay!!but this year like not interesting as compared to last year..wah..last year was chao shiong..got frh n tank!!lols..so long nvr see tank ler..I LOVE W406!!lols..tat was random..((-.-'''))hehe..i wanna go eat ler..yummy!!点点点..

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♥ Saturday, October 25, 2008

just came back from fellowship..im super tired now..haiz..sian..service was fun today!!hahas..after tat went for fellowship..

me,enyun,wanyi n felicia!!
tmr mayb got bs..gg for cg tmr!!hahas..finally..

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♥ Friday, October 24, 2008

went science centre in the morning..so boring..but it was not boring when we went to the F1 exhibition..

my favourite car!!

dam cool..n dam sad sia..cant go for shot to fame final..ahhhh..sian..nvm i can finally go for cg!!

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♥ Thursday, October 23, 2008

today last day of sch so boring..got like thanksgiving service in the morning..i was reading my bible there..den me n isma took pic..we are really bored there..almost died mans..

me n isma..
after tat we got to clean up our classroom..den we took pics.

last day of sec3 ends like this.lols..

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♥ Wednesday, October 22, 2008

actually did not want to come sch today..but den got training..got to drag myself to sch..sian..today was boring..den must do the dunno wad thing..

me n isma!!lols..my hair is so messy..hahas..
training today was like very tiring..even though it was not tat tough..dam tired..tmr whole body sure ache der..

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♥ Monday, October 20, 2008

ytd got cg outing and i cannot go!!sad mans..den my mother bring go bugis street..so make up so fed up tat i walked away..i went to bugis junction arcade..see them 投篮..sian..thxs jingyuan and enyun for advicing me n consoleing me..谢谢!!this fri shot to fame finals..i really wanna go..dunno whether my mother will allow ma..cos of last fri..sian..ahhhhh!!cant stand it..

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♥ Saturday, October 18, 2008

ytd in sch fold hearts..must fold 75 thousand the whole sch..but in the end we the sec3 went for like chinese lessons..so total the sch folded 57 600 hearts..hahas..after tat got OMB briefing..so long mans..i tot i could go home n shower..but in the end no time ler..so went straight to church..after the briefing mr francis ask us go take pics..
this is the big heart.in the middle is the hearts tat the whole sch folded..
ytd went home at 11.30pm after edge..we waited for the bus..so long..lols..den today got prayer meeting..but cannot go sia..my mother dun allow me go..cos ytd went home late..sad mans..i cried den ferlinda console me..thxs ferlinda!!

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♥ Thursday, October 16, 2008

went to watch 武侠梁祝..its super sad okays.first part was like quite funny..keep giggling..cos wuzun's voice is like very weird..like not suitable for movie..lols..watch it with doro..i think i cried for like half of the show..i came out of the cinema still crying..超级难过!!they both died!I DUN LIKE THE ENDING!!a touching love story..i keep thinking of the ending..why cant the director film a happy ending rather den a sad ending..sadist mans..i wanna watch it another time..hahas..

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♥ Wednesday, October 15, 2008

today was such a bad day!!got back my eng paper!!it totally sucks..my chem was not say very good..failed my phy by one mark..after sch went with zenna n chris to KFC at bukit merah..den me n chris went to library..borrowed two books..tmr me n baby going watch 武侠梁祝 at cine!!YAY!!oh my tian!!tmr taking back rest of papers..hahas..but nvm..still get to watch movie!!hahas..

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♥ Tuesday, October 14, 2008

today so sian..got sch again..got back chinese paper..okays lars..not tat bad..heng sia..today only check one paper..i shld not have gone sch..waste my time..tmr i think almost all the papers will come back..ahhhh!!ENGLISH PAPER!!praying for miracle..after sch went lunch with netballers..hahas..
this is wad i ate for lunch..hehe..
later me ami and xin went to walk ard vivo..while walking to the pet shop..den we saw this..

this weird little creature..lols..

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♥ Monday, October 13, 2008

ytd had great fun..hahas..went to support them..lols..after tat only ferlinda,xinyi,israel,isaiah and me went for fellowship..went subway to eat..hahas..later ferlinda went to help to clear and clean the table..like the waitress..lols..den israel gave her tips..its US$1..lols..ferlinda wanna take a pic to frame it up..lols..
ferlinda and xinyi..!!
den after dinner..went to starbucks to slack and wait for weiren..den its dam funny there..isaiah 要生孩子..very funny..was dam high the whole time..drank too much coffee ler..came home at ard 9 plus..den my mother say today cannot go meet netballers at vivo..cos i three days in a row came home late..sadist..but i really enjoy and cherish the fellowship tat i had three days in a row..thx God!!
oh yeah..!!jingyuan this is for u!!dun be sad..cheer up..and think positively!!W406 will always be with u..sry i cant make it today..but i will pray for u!!"D
and this is for u yuxin,my sister..today had a slack training..hahas..n there is more to come..ahhhh!!!crazy mans..gg to eat tmr..lols..
still waiting for sunthari to send me the shot to fame pics tat we took..hahas..when she send me den i will post..lols.

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♥ Sunday, October 12, 2008

ytd finally went for fellowship..YAY!!so happy..came home at 10 plus..n watched the dominion..not scary at all..hehe..later meeting wanyi at 1 den go queenway n buy her contacts..today shot to fame!!gd luck to all the contestants!!i need to go shower and eat ler..hahas..

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♥ Saturday, October 11, 2008

ytd went for cg celebration..its was very fun..hahas..we played games and ate pizzas!!thxs isaiah!!after tat we sang ktv..i got pic n videos!!

xinyi,enyun,jingyuan,sunthari,isaiah and israel singing..hahas..
jingyuan,kelyn,wanyi,me and sunthari..
felicia and sunthari..

weiren and qiming singing 背叛 together..but only took weiren...hahas..

enyun and weiren singing..enyun's voice very nice..lols.. ytd came home at 11.30pm..hahas..its was the first time i come home so late at night!!hahas..now needa go off ler..need to eat and den meet enyun for bs..

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♥ Friday, October 10, 2008

YAHOO!!!today last day of exams..yay mans..after a week long of exams..finally..oh yeah..今天是吴尊的生日
gg out soon..gg ernest's hse to celebrate end of exams..yay!!suppose to meet kelyn at 4.30 and now its like 4.20..im super late..OH MY TIAN..better rush..still haven pack my things and my hair is still wet-.-n i cant wait till next thursday!!butterly lovers is coming out..i wanna watch n cry..cant wait cant wait"D

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♥ Thursday, October 9, 2008

finally can come online during exams period..lols..tmr last 3 papers!!phy paper 1 n 2 and emath paper 1!!!woots..can rest..tmr gg ernest hse!!really cant wait for end of exams..now destressing myself..by using the com..so long nvr come online for a week liaos..finally..AHAHAHA!!today went for phy tuit..didnt study much..cos i dun care ler..comfirm fail der..got pics..of decster..hahas..me and huimin was feeding him wang wang biscuits and he left a souvior on his fur..wahahaha..dam funny..
got somemore funny thing..ms chua locked her bedroom door n left her keys inside the room..den she got to climb thru a window to her toilet den into the room..hahas..in end chris help her..this is not the first time ler..and huimin took a video of chris climbing into the toilet..

enjoy the video..hahas..

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♥ Friday, October 3, 2008

i shouldnt be blogging.cos im suppose to study..sian..saw khoongeok on the way to tuit..hahas..so sian tat today is the seniors last day in sch..cannot see them ler..i wanna complain..just now had phy tuit with the guys..they are super NOISY!!wth cans..i cant stand them..i was like blasting my music dam loudly..even though u are cute but tat doesnt mean its give u the rights to boast ard..-.-lll

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