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♥ Sunday, August 31, 2008

ytd went from church for the zero to hero..its was dam cool..in the end B.I.O.M(Bring It On Mama) won!!congrats to them!!
my light sticks!!

B.I.O.M's performance..

judge commenting..

they won!!

after the competition..
today went for tuit..got a few pics too!!
yenshan bought the gummies!
rossy lieing on her bed..

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♥ Saturday, August 30, 2008

ytd was teacher's day celebration..i didn't wan to go sch lors.bcos of the chinese oral..sian..did very badly for it.the concert was okays..some parts quite funny..took a pic of qimei n baby..

suppose to meet xin at 2 but in the end me n baby wanted to go vivian's hse to play bball..n she wanna go back kellock..so me baby qimei n vivian went back kellock..visited the staff room..hahas..mrs tan saw me n called me name..lols.she was asking me how's life..so i was toking to her..den i went to find the rest..n i saw mrs chai..she still can rmb my name!!so cool..she was my pri4 teacher..so long ler..n i found sth..

this was my pri3 art work..lols..so cute..
after tat we went to the gym there to play..its was dam fun!!

baby kana buried under..

baby's hand..

me n qimei


rochelle n yan ping..

baby n puiting.,



puiting me n baby!!
after tat puiting went to vivian's hse..den me baby rachel n rochelle went to ikea to eat.i ate ice-cream n hot dog..hehe.went shopping afterwards..later went baby left we went to anchorpoint there to walk a bit..den after tat rochelle went home..me n rachel waited for bus 64 to come..n we took home..

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♥ Thursday, August 28, 2008

ytd mr wang nvr come n we did experiment again.
its is insoluble n soluble in excess..hahas..
its turn to white precipitate..
during CME n PC period we went to hall to do the math lecture..i got some pics too!!
we need to find the average speed..but the rabbit is soooo CUTE!!
got video too..

n now im freaking pissed off!!just now i was complaining it to khoongeok n vads..sian lars..i wish i can wash my hands off everything..alot of things happen after the seniors left..n coach is freaking pissed we us too..she is like cant be bothered with us..n vads nvr come for training today n we got to say sry to coach..we were all speechless..tmr got chinese oral!!not gg back to kellock..saw lindsay at tiong..den later saw rachel at redhill..lols...tmr gg with xin to buy the 5 nation cup tics...

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♥ Monday, August 25, 2008

tired times 100 times..haiz sian..dam tired after training..today got physics mock SPA..i was dam sleepy at tat time..den i dunno how to do..i was doing SPA half asleep..after tat went for training..n sian something happen..coach was dam pc with us..den we train ourself..now trying to load videos into my phone..so went i bored i can watch..hahas..so now just got to wait n wait n wait..

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♥ Sunday, August 24, 2008

the post in the morning was short cos i dun have time to blog..was rushing off to tuit..hahas..i saw weiren's graduation!!hahas..he looked so smart in tat outfit..lols..im gonna make tiramisu one of the days..lols..tmr is pris's birthday!!hahas..haven buy present for her yet..when im free n got money..im gonna buy all the presents..after tuit me huimin n yenshan help ms chua to paint her door..my shirt kana abit..my now my legs still have..lols..but very fun..even though the paint is very smelly..

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today weiren's graduation cannot go..cos got tuit sad..hahas..but must congrats him!!now watching service online..i wanna go see live!!haiz..n i learn a very strong word!!BREAKTHROUGH..

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♥ Friday, August 22, 2008

guess wad i only had 2 hrs of sleep..was doing my geog until 4am!!in sch i was half asleep..dam tired..i pass my lit!!n i passed my eng overall!!for the first time!!hahas..did chem experiment today again..hahas..its tat time i miss bcos of dance..

boiling the vegetable..

from purple turn to red..

from red to green!!
i think tat feng tian wei is so cool..so sad cannot go heeren on mon to see them..i wanna see feng tian wei..sad..today after sch went to help to make board for weiren's graduationon sun!!dunno whether can make it on sun..i wanna go!!lols..sad again..

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♥ Thursday, August 21, 2008

today got back my geog paper..whoas..i pass..hahas..im dam happy now..manage to clear my phy n chem file..during chem did experiment!!

hehe..took pics..
after sch got training..i feel dam weird..so long nvr go for training n everything changed..the feeling is unfamilar..haiz.oso dunno y.

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♥ Wednesday, August 20, 2008

failed my ss..hahas..n i dam happy tat i pass my chem..omg.i was dam scared just now..lyn was dam sad today..i just dunno how to console her..haiz.i bought her her favourite care bear..giving her surprise tmr..hehe..
cute rite!!
filing my chem n phy files!!dam pc now..cant find my worksheets..die liao ler lors..

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♥ Tuesday, August 19, 2008

trying to get my report done..but i cant find the info..haiz sian..den i oso haven finish my chinese essay..counted in ca2!!ahhh..*panic* i still got so many things to do..hehe..but if i too tired im gonna sleep liaos..not doing anything..tmr go sch den settle..
lyn!!dun be too sad okays..just try again..no matter wad just dun give up..i will buy u yr favourite care bear on yr birthday okays!!
n i wanna say this!!

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its being a long time since i post..busy studying for exams..got back my eng,emath,amath n phy..pass all..hng sia..eng just pass..wah..pass for the first time this year..went marina sq today after sch with baby..bought the si chuan cd thing..bought 3 for myself n 1 for xin..later went mcs to eat n shop ard n im back home..i shall go watch 籃球火 now..hahas..

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♥ Friday, August 15, 2008

back online again..doing my geog report next fri..must rush..cos tmr n sun not free den weekdays oso not free..cant find the information i wan..sian lars..tmr still got tuit..give me a break..from monday on im gg to train dam hard for carnival..monday ami's birthday..i seriously gonna be broke this month..so many people's birthday..tmr im getting ter's present..lols..cant wait for service tmr..just hope tat i will wake up on time n not oversleep..im always the only one in tuit tat is dam late..den when i walked into the ppl will like look at me..so i will try to be on time..but one prob..i nvr do my tuit hmwk for months..die liaos..

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today first period no paper..so we went canteen to study..i nvr even touch on my ss..den i wanted to go netball court n study..ask vaddi along..hahas..she really studied for it..in the end she taught me ss..we talked n studied..we went off n she wanted a hug from me..at first i rejected..den she was like fine lars..den i said sry to her..in the end i hugged her..lols..the ss paper was easy but bcos i nvr study so i dunno how to write..i wrote crap..hahas..b4 exam i plan properly ler..the first part finish all..den second part wanted to write intro plus one paragraph..but in the end wrote two paragraphs..hahas..not bad mans..i totally forgot tat its teresa birthday today..hahas..until ytd xin reminded me..
my best shooter partner/thinking turtle/senior!!all the best for yr o lvl!!
im feeling much better ler..hahas..tok to her alot today..went out after sch..saw ms chee crossing the rd with her bf!!hahas..den me n ami was like saying hi to her..her bf help her carry her bag..so sweet..hope to see her soon..den me n ami walked all the way to the mrt station..miss gg home with khoongeok!!hahas..oh ya posting the pic of my copper(2)oxide crystals!!

this is my copper(2)oxide crystals!!

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♥ Thursday, August 14, 2008

today chem was difficult lors..die ler..lit no need to say oso..can forgot abt passing ler..write dam little..n today i told khoongeok tat i like her..den recess she come find n ask me to tell her everything..wah in the end she end up laughing like crazy..she n xin went to her n dunno say wad..heard from xin tat khoongeok was like laughing away in front of her..WAD!!but seriously im feeling much better today..den after sch i saw her den told her say i avoiding her n she was asking y..i just kept saying sry to her..she wanted to hug me but i rejected..she was like fine lars..afterwards she sms me..haiz sian..tmr still got ss paper..den today chem lesson did experiment..

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♥ Wednesday, August 13, 2008


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♥ Tuesday, August 12, 2008

first day of exams..n wad am i doing??using the com..wth!!emath paper today..paper was quite easy but i dun understand question TWO!!in the morning still sad..arh..sian..saw her in the morning n teared abit..after sch was worse..went to locker to take my books den i saw her there..tried to avoid her but she saw me n called me..i pretend not to hear..my heart was beating dam fast..closed my locker n abt to walk away den she called my name again..i turn back n she waved to me..i just smiled abit n walk off very fast..walked half n started crying..arh sian..went tiong with zenna vivian n qimei.shoped until 4plus n came home..tmr got two papers..english n amath..die liaos ler wors..haven do my lit assignment n its counted for CA2..n haven do my geog assignment too..n wad am i do here..still using com..*slap myself*

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♥ Sunday, August 10, 2008

ytd went for sentosa for out reach..after tat me zhixin gracia n gladys went vivo to shop.yeah.n during the out reach she sms me..told zhixin all abt it..got sun burned!!my neck is dam pain now..but it cant be compared to my heart..sian..afterwards went to my grandma hse for national day celebration..got pics..its very small..cos i nvr go to esplanade..


my cousin's unglamour pic..hahas..
today finally went back to church for service!!im so happy to be in god's presence..i really enjoy service..i can feel god heal my broken heart..after service rush for tuit..in the end late for tuit..during tuit i was dam sad..kept thinking of it..after tuit i really wanna be alone..sry chris for pushing u away..i still feel the sadness in me..was really thinking hard on my journey home..dunno whether did i did the rite thing..haiz sian..

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