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♥ Wednesday, July 30, 2008

whoas..dunno how many days nvr post ler..miss ytd yu bai..watch the starting den nvr watch..but got mr pig..so i watching on youtube..i very scared tat i this year cannot take nafa test..cos of my ankle..arh..WHY MISS I INJURED MY NERVES!!pc..i wanna run my 2.4!!sian lors..still got to do the dance mans..played guitar after sch..den went home with chris,ami n mildred..n now im back home..got nth to do..i dun wanna do hmwk now..so sian lors..wah lao..i wanna go out..but cannot sia..

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♥ Saturday, July 26, 2008

woke up early today..reach sch abit late..den still very slow.haven board the bus..waited n waited until so pc..so long..went to NTU oso got to wait.wad is this mans..den we are divided into grps..n lucky im in the same grp as zenna!!me n zenna together..den we take care one beneficiary..first activity was some relay race..first station was must tie legs together n walk n take the ping pong ball on the spoon..den must use the hockey stick to spin 8 rounds with the ping pong ball n pass to next person n den must throw it in the pail.after 10 den must blind fold the person n guide her to walk..after tat must solve puzzel..my favourite..hahas..later went back in to the indoor basketball court.waited for a while den teach them to fold paper aeroplanes.they were dam happy..after tat was some fishing thing n den soccer..must kick the ball into the hop..got two try each..i only kick in the second one..we had lunch after tat..after lunch went into another room to do the dunno wad it called liaos..

they dancing..power mans..


our art work!!

zenna n me beneficiary..

my art work!!


me,mildred n yunhe..

zenna,vivian.qimei,me n doro!!

they dancing!!cute rite..

i really envy them..they can lead such a simple n carefree life.without any 烦恼..n i miss church..went pass CHC!!cos its near NTU..so sad cannot go..

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♥ Friday, July 25, 2008

just finish showering..came back at like ard 10 plus..so tired now..ytd slept at 1 am plus to do PBL.n in the end-.-nvr hand in..wtf..waste my time n sleep..went to sch with eye bags..slept in class..den after sch got tuit..sian lars..my life is so packed with activities..still deciding whether to quit math tuit not..i tmr not gg cos got curl..its from 8am to 5pm..SO LONG!!*die*got to wake up early sia..i miss math tuit for like 3 weeks liaos..den cannot go make up cos my whole weekend is packed..no rest day for me mans..

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♥ Thursday, July 24, 2008

went for windsurfing just now..was the last lesson..so fun..manage to surf..learnt how to turn 180 degree!!so cool.n fun!!got pics n video!!

ms tan explaining the things..


me n xin!!




lixian n lingmin..


getting ready..

me n mildred!!
got video..
me surfing!!

thxs lixian for taking all the pics!!

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♥ Tuesday, July 22, 2008

yeah yeah..im online again mans..IM SUPPOSE TO STUDY..but ya rite..IM NOT THE STUDY TYPE!!pls lors..ask me sit down n study for 1min oso buey tahan one..i seriously dun wanna dance solo..我会笑场的!!so embarrassing!!so sad synpathy out sia..sian diaos..

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♥ Monday, July 21, 2008

the internet is slow slow slow..wth!!sian lars..the com oso abit hang sia..arh!!pcpc..today was dam boring..whole day was like sleeping.lessons was BORING!!n wad a mon on every week to start with two periods of phy!!truefully our sch does not have a GOOD phy teacher..so sad rite..after sch me rachel, michelle n vinus practice the dance..now im trying to figure out the 当我们宅一块 dance..n i dun wanna solo dance!!ahhh!i cant dance mans!!die liaos lors..n chris this is for u..if u love him just go n love him..dun say u dun..n tell him tat too!!

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♥ Sunday, July 20, 2008

ytd went for fun on foot..dam boring lars..must go many places to find the answers..den after we do 4 clues we went to lixian's hse to slack..everyone was dam tired..we went back late..after tat to my grandma's hse..my cousin was there too.den we went to esplanade to watch the ndp..my cousin was very excited to see the fireworks..lols..i got some pics n videos!!

my cousin is like fansinated by helicopter..

inside the esplanade.

outside esplanade

i will post videos too!!
this is two planes flying dam close to each other..

first part of the fireworks..

second part of the fireworks..

later gg to my cousin hse to celebrate her birthday in advance..

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♥ Friday, July 18, 2008

ytd windsurfing was dam fun lars..miss two period of chem n went for lunch..the bus came late n in the end we must wait..miss chee came with us too!!but its a last min thing..the bus driver lost his way..he dunno how to get there-.-in the end we are dam late..den we got not enough time to surf..intro to surfing when we reached there.i was dam scared of fish den was screaming like siao..all of us fell when we tried to surf..the waves was like dam big cos its very windy..i tried surfing but keep falling..den the board was like always going to the shore..we cant go near the shore cos the board might break..den when i was standing on the board n in the secure position i fell n the board was near the shore..the water is so shallow tat i fell i sprained my ankle..until now still swollen..sian..den tmr still got fun on foot..how to walk sia..but im dam excited tat we might be going back next thurs to windsurf again..so fun..so i hope tat my ankle will recover in time..

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♥ Wednesday, July 16, 2008

today can say its a terible day for me..after must do the dance..den jocelyn come n so called teach us..den she think so wad ah..wah lau.den after sch went out with xin to town..finally went to see stage..the things there are dam ex lars..the cap is like ard 63 bucks..n the necklace is 115 ucks..wth!!wanted to buy..but bo money.pok liaos..after tat went for lunch..ate long john..the chicken is super oily..yucks..ate ice cream too..we walked to KFC outside to finish our ice cream..finish ardy den walked to this fashion..den got this guy dunno wad he doing..sitting there..den we looked at him..he asked us get lost..wtf!!he thinks his lim pei place ah..ask us get lost..i was like fine lars..den after this fashion we went home..waiting at the bus stop..den got this ang moh person..i think 13 years old like tat lars..we sat.n den got this ang moh person abt 13 years old den he suddenly stood in front of me looking at me..i oso dunno wad he wants..den xin move n i move n he sat down..i was like looking at xin n told her today wad day sia..so many weird ppl..den beside xin got space y cant he sit there..diaos lors..

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♥ Tuesday, July 15, 2008

just came back from clique outing..i dam happy today!!cos the whole clique went out..i mean the WHOLE clique!!8 of us!!finally the ahpaos are reunion..hehe..
no swimming sign.
me chris qimei n zenna!!
plus kelly n vivian!
united legs!!

untied fingers..
today suppose to run 6km but my legs still swollen..sad..thurs got windsurfing..yay!!n the stupid thing is..im in the national day dance-.-'''wth?!i cant even dance for nuts..pls lars..den now gonna find a chinese for the dance..mostly using xiao zhu's song..searching for it like now..sian..now thinking whether to dance tank der 延長比賽..watching the mv now n learning the steps..very difficult to catch..wish tat someone noe the dance n teach me..

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♥ Sunday, July 13, 2008

im gonna post pics today..hahas..
milk run pics on 6 july:

my milk run no.

me n baby!!

me,amira,vaddi n yu xin!lols
and now for the superband pics!!

me n juli!!

the stage..

ying aka ink!!


and finally for ytd carnival pics!!

in the bus on our way to kallang..

helen n khoon geok!!

khoon geok trying to act but fail..hahas..

all of us!!

yu xin n me..

me injured..got a cut..

me n yu xin in the middle of the court..


gracia,me n vaddi..

the whole team!!

me kissing khoon geok?no way mans..

after the carnival we went to eat steamboat..nice right..lols

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